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The Eternal Winter and Bored Out of my Mind

Ok, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt like this has been an eternal Winter. I live in the Northeast and we have been hammered with snow and freezing temperatures. I think the rest of the country has had a tough time, also?

Spring is taking its sweet time to get here (though it looks like this weekend will be nice) and I feel like my toddler and I have been stir crazy! We can only play with the same toys so many times..

We got creative and went to play gyms, played in the snow, and did a lot of arts and crafts, but it was difficult to do things all the time, especially during the snowstorms and because money is tight. I can’t help but feel bad. I feel bad because her mind should be challenged more. I’m a huge advocate of being outside as much as possible, but even I had to resort to cartoons here and there. I’m not saying down time isn’t good sometimes- it’s nice to relax and do nothing when the mood strikes, but there has been a bit too much vegging out.

I’ve always wished and entertained the idea of living near a beach because the nature and imagination there is endless and beautiful. I follow @yoga_girl on Instagram and her little baby is living the life down there in Aruba. Constantly hanging out on the beach and enjoying all aspects of being outside. My poor lady has been begging to play outside, but the temperatures have been painful.

I wonder if I’m living in the right area of the world. If it weren’t for my family and friends, I wouldn’t be able to really think of a reason to stay here in this NYC suburb. Should I think about moving? But then we’d have to start over with jobs, friends, daycares, etc. It seems more work than it’s worth… I think.

I’m probably just lacking Vitamin D and sunshine and going a little stir crazy. I’m sure once Spring and Summer roll around, I’ll be fine. Plus, if we moved, I’d really miss seeing the Fall… I think it’s just mom guilt kicking in and feeling like I can’t provide enough resources for my toddler to really explore. But I’m trying my best. Has anyone been struggling this winter too??

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21 thoughts on “The Eternal Winter and Bored Out of my Mind”

  1. Thanks for coming over to my blog.
    I definitely can sympathise with the cabin fever. There’s fewer things that can make me feel like I’m going mad than getting trapped at home with the kids for days on end. I find that when I manage to see a friend, and/or do something active (even just putting on some music I love and dancing round the kitchen), it can really help lift the cabin fever. Even better when you get a day off from the children all together! This too will pass! You can do it!

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    1. Haha yea, that is true-it’s the little things that make it fun- like putting on music. I don’t mind being with my daughter, I just feel bad b/c I feel like I can feel her boredom lol but like you said, this too shall pass.. should be 70 here tomorrow!


  2. I think many people have had the same thoughts at times, me included. Pinterest is great for cheap ideas of things you can do at home. Have you done treasure hunts? Just a few simple clues ‘hidden’ around the house and it could only be a couple of biscuits at the end and im sure your little one would enjoy it 😊 Another fun one but more for when they have a friend to play is they both stand on a towel and dance to music then when the music stops you fold the towel in half. Keep going and the first person to fall off the towel loses 😄

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  3. We live in the suburbs of Atlanta & Charleston (we live in 2 places) and we’re looking to move to Denver because we want a different lifestyle. It is SO easy to make friends with little kids so it’s the time to move. Playdates galore and it’s so easy to connect on FB. And there was so many activities now geared towards toddlers. I think with littles is the BEST time to move, so I’m hoping to get out to Denver in the next 1-2 years. But it’s nice being able to get outside most of the year. We’ve been to the beach in Charleston already and spent tons of times on playgrounds and in Atlanta the weather has been nice too… We love the weather aspect of living down here. But don’t feel guilty for not doing as much. My mom never did anything with us when we were little and we all grew up just fine. I think expectations for parents are just so high now.

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    1. You’re def right- the best time is to move while they are little and before meaningful friendships develop. It’s definitely a thought for us. And yes, expectations are so high now! I know she will turn out just fine, but can’t help feeling like a boring mom lol. Oh well, spring will be here soon!

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