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Enlighten me on Today’s Current Events…

Not trying to make this post political and I only welcome mature/healthy debate and comments, but I legitimately have a couple of questions regarding this country’s current events. I admit I do not have much knowledge about guns, but I do have a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology and know that there are a multitude of mental health issues in this country.  I also understand people’s  wants to own guns for both sport and protection (my mom and brother were held at gun point in our home several years ago so I understand wanting protection).

My question is regarding the type of gun used in the most recent shooting (and from my understanding, the gun of choice in other mass shootings?).  Again, let me reiterate that I don’t know much about guns so this is just my uneducated opinion…  I think when people are advocating for stricter gun laws,  the majority of them do not mean to completely abolished all rights to own a gun.  I think most people understand guns are useful for protection and that many people enjoy them safely for hobby.  My question is what is so wrong with advocating for stricter gun laws? Do people really believe that AR-15’s should be accessible for every day use, especially when it is fairly easy for mentally ill people to access weapons at this current point in time?  Can we not agree that maybe it should be a little more difficult to obtain guns? Why not make the process harder? Not saying you can’t still own a gun or still enjoy the sport, but why not make the gun-attaining process a little more lengthy?

Why are people opposed to making AR-15’s  and weapons of that sort illegal for every day use (unless used for law enforcement, military, etc.)  if they are so dangerous and continuously show up in these mass murders?  Don’t get me wrong- I also know the problem lies with the mental illness of those firing the gun and the need to work on the resources for the mentally ill, but until that has become more stable and while many mentally ill people continue to live without the appropriate help they need, why would it be such a bad thing for stricter gun laws at this current point in time? Yes, people may have to go through a more thorough testing process and investigation before owning a gun, but aren’t the lives of innocent people more important than a delayed process to own a gun?

On the flip side, if there are people who are completely against gun ownership of any kind, is it fair to ask people who are passionate about gun culture to give up their hobby when they are stable adults? Should a couple of “nutcases” ruin the fun for everyone? Perhaps stricter gun control (but not totally abolishing guns) would weed out the people who are not competent or fit to own weapons while still allowing others to enjoy their hobby and protect their homes.

Again, I’m just asking these questions out of my own curiosity and not to point fingers at any one group of people. I do lean more to the “left”, but I’m always looking to expand my horizons and see how all types of people see the world.

I’m just hoping one day we can start to work toward a better future for this country and mankind. No one should be afraid to bring his or her child to school. Let’s start rebuilding our future today…

6 thoughts on “Enlighten me on Today’s Current Events…”

  1. In the gun control debate, people DO want to ban all guns, and the problem is it goes against the 2nd amendment. The AWB did ban semi-automatics for a decade in the US, and during that decade we saw Columbine happen. 66% of mass shootings have actually been committed with a handgun. It just becomes a complex issue when you get down to the difference in guns you want to put more restrictions on. There are already checks in place for those looking at legally purchasing firearms, but we have to ask ourselves if the people who want to commit these acts are going to go through those processes.

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  2. Thanks for the insight! That makes a lot of sense. That’s what I’m wondering.. maybe the more thorough the process, the more people who commit these acts will not go through the process… such a complex issue :/


    1. What StillOrphans said is pretty much spot on. However if you would like to do more research for yourself, I have to point out that the firearm in question is an AR-15. You might be confusing it with the AK-47, which is also a very common and popular semiautomatic weapon.

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  3. I agree with you. I don’t think all guns should be illegal, but I do think weapons of that type, such as the AKs, need to be or if not banned at least made much, much more difficult to acquire. There are so many facets to mass shootings that it isn’t about any one issue. However, stricter guns laws and a more lengthy application and approval process should definitely be in existence, in my opinion.

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