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My Brother is Moving Tomorrow…

Sad day. Very sad day.

We had a goodbye dinner tonight to wish my brother well as he and his girlfriend prepare to move to Colorado tomorrow (we live in New York). They are super outdoorsy and love hiking and want to get some amazing experiences in before they settle down. I get it. I would do the same if I were in his shoes. It doesn’t make it easier though.

He’s 5 years younger than me. My only sibling. We had a great childhood together. We spent most of our time on the beach. If not at the beach, we were playing catch outside with a baseball.

We would fight like cats and dogs sometimes, but at other times, we would gang up against my parents when they were being “annoying”.

We used to have a “night club” where we would sing songs and play with toys in our bedroom after out parents told us it was time to go to sleep. We had to share a bedroom until I was 9. I hated it then. Not so much now.

He will probably move back home eventually (at least I hope). His girlfriend says if they get married and have kids, they will definitely come back to be close to family. But what if they love it there? 

The hardest part is that my daughter’s favorite uncle is moving away. One of her role models. She might grow up not even remembering who he is (she’s only 15 months right now).

Leaving dinner tonight, my grandma sobbed as she said goodbye to her grandson. The 5th grandkid out of eleven. I couldn’t watch her cry. I had to walk away.

I’ve always been the tough one in the family. The rock. The stable one. The one people lean on in hard times. The unshaken one. I don’t know if that will be me tomorrow. 

I’m sorry for the Debbie downer post. I’m usually optimistic and happy, but it’s really hard to be that right now. I know it’s good for him. I know he’ll be happy and have the time of his life. I certainly know I’m jealous of all the mountains he will climb. I know all of these things.

I just don’t want my daughter to have to say goodbye tomorrow. That’s what’s killing me.

… but as always, I will trek on. And I will hope and wish every day for his return.


14 thoughts on “My Brother is Moving Tomorrow…”

  1. My brother and I are 15 months apart. We fought like crazy our whole adolescent lives but had grown into being so close. He lives in Boston and I’m in Philadelphia. Is not as far as New York to Colorado.. but distance nonetheless. It’s hard and I miss him everyday, but those times when he comes to visit makes up for it! My son is his godson and worships the ground he walks on. Thank God for FaceTime! Don’t worry.. it gets easier!

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  2. Family moving away is tough. A sibling would be even tougher I think. I have a lot of family in CO and some places the views are simply breath taking. Thank goodness for the days of technology though. It helps when everyone lives everywhere. It helps the miles feel a little more tolerable. Best wishes.

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  3. I’m so sorry. I too know the feeling of letting that baby brother go out to live his life. The missing and longing will always remain but those late night phone calls, home visits and holidays spent together will have even more meaning the will bring even more joy. But I know today sucks and tomorrow will too. Sorry.

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  4. Shop plane tickets. You and your daughter will make amazing memories visiting your cool brother/uncle in CO! My favorite big brother, also 5 years older has moved to Texas, New Orleans, Tulsa, at a time in my life when I couldn’t visit (busy time for one reason or another). Long stents of night seeing each other. And it was before FaceTime or social media). Whenever he came home it was like he never left. And the value of home remained strong and true in his heart. Now he lives in Baltimore and I’m in NY. We still don’t see each other as much as either of us would like, but the memories we made from childhood and since, are beyond measure. Remember, God writes the most amazing life stories. Trust and enjoy!

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  5. My brother in law moved from the UK to the US to marry his fiancé and live out there with her. We had a party to say goodbye and it was just so strange when he left not having him at family events. My other half misses him as they got on so well. I don’t understand that sibling bond as I don’t have any myself but I can only imagine. Good luck to your brother and his girlfriend! It will get easier 🙂 x

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  6. Unfortunately, I have been the one on the moving end several times (we are military). It’s never easy for anyone involved. I’ll never forget my first move when I moved away from home. I literally cried from Nebraska to South Dakota–a few hours. Just let it out. There’s nothing wrong with crying!

    One thing that has helped me over the years living states away from family (and now an ocean separates us), is always having that next visit planned or in the makings. It helps the distance not seem so far when you know you are going to see them again. You might like this post about distance:

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  7. My younger brother moved to Colorado about 10 years ago, but we knew he was there to stay. His wife grew up there, and almost all of her family still lives in that area. The good part is that my brother visits with his growing family twice a year, every year. I appreciate every moment I get with them, and their visits give me something to look forward to.

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  8. I can certainly sympathize. I have only one brother and we are very close. I actually moved to Colorado to be closer to him. Technology has made is easier than ever to keep close to loved ones far away!

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