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Don’t Roll your Eyes at me! (The story of how I was just Mom-shamed)!

So just a quick background for those of you who haven’t read my previous threads…

I lost about 70 pounds a few years ago (yay)! I went from drinking and eating way too much to running a full marathon. I watched Doctor Oz religiously every day and learned about how to literally treat my body like a temple. I’ve grown to absolutely love nutrition and health (I may even want to go back to school for it… but that’s for a later post). It’s a true passion of mine.

So in the midst of this adventure, I naturally started to steer myself toward organic foods, natural cleaning products, and natural makeups/cosmetics. In my opinion, I think cutting out these chemicals as much as possible in the things that we consume/apply every day will hopefully add up and make us feel better and avoid disease in the long run.

Side note: Please purchase this book if you are also interested in healthy living and how the small things add up in the end. It features my favorite guy and is truly a life saver 😎

Anyway, now like I said, I love healthy living, but I’m also a proud consumer of potatoes and beer 🍻 🥔. I love my wine and eating out with my friends. It’s not like I have to eat healthy all the time.


When I go to the supermarket, I definitely try to get as many things all natural and organic as I can.

Yes, I could save money on less expensive items- I know that and I will switch if I financially need to. Yes, I know that the whole organic thing could be a scam and over exaggeration. I also am aware that you can eat healthy, avoid chemicals, the whole 9 yards and die anyway…

But It’s what I like and enjoy.

Anyway, to my point.

I had just put all my items on the conveyor belt at the supermarket the other day (yes, the majority were healthy) and a mom of four adorable girls behind me starts rolling her eyes and sighing while staring right at my 15 month old daughter in the front of the cart.

She looks directly at my daughter and in a “mocking voice” speaks right to her as if I wasn’t there and says, “Oh, you have one of those healthy, good moms who actually cares about her kids. One of those moms who thinks buying organic foods will buy your love”.

Like, I don’t even know what that means.

She giggled at the end of the sentence and winked as if that was to excuse her rude behavior.

I’m not sitting there rolling my eyes about the coke and doughnuts she bought her kids. (Just kinda jealous about the Coke).

My whole point is: STOP THE SHAMING.

In every way.

We are all going to make different decisions. Enjoy different things. Do things in completely opposite ways.

But can we please start appreciating these differences?

Accept and appreciate the differences OR mind your own beeswax 😘😃

52 thoughts on “Don’t Roll your Eyes at me! (The story of how I was just Mom-shamed)!”

  1. That was SO rude! She’s probably saying it because she feels guilty but that is NO excuse. I never comment on people’s groceries but sometimes I want to ask what they are cooking just because I’m curious.
    I think it’s good you try to buy the best for your kids! I love the idea of organic and I think it makes sense from a health standpoint but I don’t always buy it.

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  2. How rude! I agree, stop the shaming! Some of the moms I respect the most may not make the same food choices I do for my family (they vary from take-out lovers to vegans), but who cares? They are amazing moms who truly love their kids–just as I do.

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  3. Wow. Some people. I completely get the weight loss deal and switching to cleaner and organic eating. I figure it can’t hurt but I also switch when budgets need to be met.

    What an example to set for her kids. She might as well have been saying that she doesn’t love her kids because she feeds them donuts and soda pop. Good grief.

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  4. There is nothing wrong about yourself, and perhaps not hers either. But people are forgetting there is more than one path and theirs is not always the best. This is just another example of how humans are not doing a good job of embracing differences among our people. If we all bought the same food and looked alike the world would be a boring place!

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  5. Oh my gosh that is SO rude!!!! Sounds like she’s very insecure about the fact that she isn’t buying her kids much healthy food, and is trying to cope with that insecurity by mocking others. I get mom-shamed all the time for being a gentle parent of a child with asd (people see the behaviour out in public and wonder why I’m not ‘disciplining’ my daughter for them). I think if we looked hard enough at anyone we could find ways in which to shame them. (Not that we should!!!) I wish we could all just stop the shaming and be more supportive of fellow parents!

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  6. I could not agree with you more! No mom is perfect and making another feel bad does not make you a better mom. Not sure I would have been able to hold my tongue in that situation!

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  7. It’s is our light that threatens people. I have found that comments like that mean more about them then about me or you in this situation. Mom shaming is a real thing and it sucks! Been there momma-on-the-battlefield-grocery-line. I have two boys with sensory processing disorder. Meaning I have a life that’s easy to judge. We are all in this together! Coke drinking organic seaweed chip eating home made sunscreen parents trying to keep tiny humans from taking over our houses. Please refer to the “enrolled in the jelly of the month club” scene from Christmas vacation.

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      1. It’s true. Sometime I feel like while one kid is studying the lasers on the scanners and the other is trying to steal coins from the donation jar I should wear a bullet prof best and a helmet. As if other moms kids have never knocked over the giant display of 12 packs of coke while trying to place his little brother in the center.

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  8. Preach!!!!! Yes, this needs to stop. I have a 1 year old and a 7 year old and asked someone if they knew of a good sitter so I could actually go and watch my daughters soccer games instead of chasing her brother around and I got shamed for asking for help! I feel your pain!! It’s terrible.

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  9. Wow! I’m pretty sure she said that out of feeling insecure or less than. I feel like most moms feel the need to judge when they don’t feel like THEY do enough. I probably would have been too stunned to even say anything, but how awful. I would have probably thought of 10,000 things to say after leaving. Like, “I’m just a good mom who is trying to raise my kid not to grow up and be judgmental” *WINK WINK*


  10. People be crazy!! I was at once so affected by the mom I’m “supposed” to be it was affecting everything. The past couple of months I feeling myself maturing into the mom I am meant to be.. The kinda mom that would of given that lady the finger. Right there in front of the kids. 😂🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

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  11. Wow, what a thing to say. I’m all for supporting other women and not judging someone by their choices, especially if you can’t see the whole picture. Hopefully your daughter learns from your good examples rather than others like this woman.

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  12. How amazing you lost all that weight!! I’ve lost and gained the same 10 lbs. I’ve got a goal for a transformation of 50lbs in a year. I’ve recently committed to vegan but honestly 95% because I have to have fish at times…and ranch. We are very hippy tree hugging with the organics and environment. I also focus on putting my money in good companies taking care of the world and forest. Organics is not a hoax. It means clean soil, water, and air. It means you are supporting your family in not getting diseases and cancer and supporting farmers that practice good stewardship of the land and aren’t poisoning their migrant workers, the birds, bees, and environment. Good for you!

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  13. Wow, wow, wow! Some people have a lot of nerve! I feel like this post is exactly what I was also trying to get across in my own “am I a good mother?” post. Mom guilt definitely comes from mommy shaming!! UGH! People!

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