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Any other moms (or dads) out there lose a ton of weight??

So most of my life I was lean and athletic. I was All-State, MVP, etc of my sports teams in high school and college. I love the competition and the feeling of adrenaline that playing sports/working out gives me. I was so in shape, I could have been G.I. Jane…

The second half of college and the year following college, I completely fell off the wagon. I was living with my boyfriend who was 10 years older than me and a handful of his frat boy-like friends (that man is my husband now lol).

Every night was another party, drinking, and drunk snacking on Slim Jims.

Many vodka and cranberries later, I was a mess. Large, unhealthy, out of control, and extremely insecure.

After months of “I’ll work out tomorrow”, I finally put my sneakers on and began working out and eating right. Long days of grueling workouts, boring salads, and religiously watching Doctor Oz led to me losing 70 pounds! I even ran a full marathon after months of training.

I felt on top of the world. More energy than a toddler playing with finger paint, stronger than I’ve ever been before-I was back!

and now…

I just don’t care.

I’ve put on baby weight with my daughter, but lost some of it so I’m not huge- I’m just … normal.

I work out like 3 times a month and walk here and there.

Most of the food I eat is healthy and organic, but there is still crap sprinkled in on occasion.

While I would like to fit back into my old jeans, I just don’t have any motivation to work my ass off like I did before. I’m not happy with my body, but I’m not too unhappy with it either..ย 

Every day I think of how awesome I felt during my weight loss journey and how I want to get back there, but… whatever… too much work…

Please tell me I’m not alone! Anyone else lose motivation entirely? How in the hell did you get it back?

ย Check out this book from the man that helped me lose the weight ๐Ÿ™‚

48 thoughts on “Any other moms (or dads) out there lose a ton of weight??”

  1. Currently working on this right now, getting that prebaby body back. It’s time consuming but feels great! I’m down 25 lbs and eat pretty clean.. With a few cheats here and there ๐Ÿ˜‹

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  2. Nothing makes me lose weight like the first trimester of another pregnancy…
    I’m “normal” too. I use 8fit app for short workouts to do at home and sometimes the kids (3&1) try to join in.
    I find that working out (even just walking the dog) has a huge impact on how long it takes me to fall asleep at night, so that motivates me to do a little bit everyday.

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      1. I think it’s more the aversion to food that made me lose the weight. ^_~ I really do recommend that app though, the workouts take less than 15 minutes but they make you feel better about yourself.

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  3. So here’s a brief story: I struggled with turning 40. It was so bad, in fact, I went into mild depression. I started Crossfit when I was 33 and did it religiously until I was 39. Then I just slowly stopped caring. I was having the hardest time. I would eat and drink, meet up with friends and hang out, socialize…anything I could do to keep my mind off things. I went from a little over 200lbs. (I was stocky and muscular and looked good) to ballooning up to 242lbs. I sat like that for over a year and a half. I was a single dad, overweight, and had no motivation to do anything. I just accepted it. But that’s where I went wrong. I could no longer accept it. I HAD to find motivation. I HAD to get back to where I once was. I HAD to realize that 40 is a number and has no bearing on who I was as a person. So, I rejoined a workout community – Hard Exercise Works (similar to Crossfit). I started watching videos of these people that were overweight and how they overcame their lack of motivation and how they pushed themselves to find the motivation. Then I would watch Crossfit videos of people who had to overcome obstacles to get into shape. I also began listening to Tony Robbins every morning when I woke up – for like 10 – 15 minutes just to get me going. I then recorded an introduction video and posted it to FB of my journey to losing the 40lbs. I gained and getting back into shape. I have a bunch of followers and I am now 3 1/2 weeks into it. I have actually motivated others to follow suit and now they are posting their own exercises and food habits. I don’t like the word “diet.” I never use it. Either you practice good eating habits or poor eating habits. The word “diet” to me is just a fad because diets usually end. If you develop eating habits, then you are more likely to stick to them versus “following a diet – Atkins, Mediterranean, South Beach, Whole 30, Ketogenesis…and the list goes on! So that’s how I did it. And also, think of it as a way to shock your husband. You want to look sexy for him, right? Physical attraction is still important. I’m sure he loves you very much, but there’s nothing like the wifey throwing on a hot number from VS and walking out of a shower all dolled up to add spice to the relationship, right?

    All-in-all, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If not for yourself or your husband, then you think of your kids. Use them as motivation. Show them why it is important. Get them involved with you. I don’t know how old your child or children are, but at Hard Exercise Works, they have kids classes and the kids love it. I hope that hopes, especially from a single dad’s perspective. It’s like I always tell people: there are three things that are required for success – motivation, commitment, and discipline. You have to be motivated to want it, you have to commit to doing it, and you have be disciplined to getting it. If you find a community to hold yourself accountable, that’s a good way to find motivation, too. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks so much for the story! It’s awesome to hear everyone else’s journey. Life is tough sometimes. Especially hitting hard milestones and realities. I definitely agree that it’s easier to just go out with friends and drink/ have fun to forget about reality, but it definitely does keep up. Good job on starting your journey!! The first step is always the hardest.. I will be following along!!

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  4. Totally feel ya. I’m in the same boat. I keep blaming it on having two kids back to back. But i miss my old self and my old body so much. I know I’ll never get it back, but at least I can get to a good place where I’m happy with the body I have. Well, it’s not going to be easy. We just gotta woman up and do it. Hopefully we can find ways of motivating one another through the blog community!

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    1. Yes! I would love to woman up and motivate with you!! It’s so hard when I’m done with work and the weekend comes, I just want to relax and have fun.. but maybe even baby steps like a walk around the block in the morning?!

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  5. When you find the answer, please tell me!!! I have had such a similar situation. Competitive swimmer for 13 years and captain of the basketball team all through high school, moved to New Zealand, partied and drank…a lot, gained weight. Lost the weight and felt amazing, ran 5 half marathons. Got a serious leg injury that I had to wait a year to get surgery on so naturally gained weight back because I couldn’t exercise. Moved back to Canada, got a personal trainer and got into decent-ish shape. Met my husband, we ate…a lot. New relationship comfort. Gained more weight. Hired an online personal trainer, got in awesome shape. Got pregnant, gained 40 pounds during pregnancy. Post pregnancy I lost about 20 of those pounds. Now 2 years after my son was born I’m still fighting the battle. I KNOW what I should do. I KNOW what has worked. But finding the motivation is the biggest struggle for me. I was doing well for a few weeks where I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks by really watching what I ate and exercising 4-5 times a week. But two weeks ago I got a back injury and now my physio is telling me that the most I can do is walk or swim for exercise. No gym, no running. So what do I do? Spent the last week and a half eating my feelings. Currently sitting here drinking a very large mocha that I know I shouldn’t have, but I’m bummed out so I will drink the whole thing. So….you’re not alone. Finding the motivation is hard despite our brains telling us exactly what we need to do. Need both the head and the heart into it.

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      1. Ugh…head & heart…it’s like my therapist is making that comment. We have been working for a couple of years on getting mine to reconnect. My head & heart are infinitely separated and rarely connect to one another. Maybe all of our blogging journeys will help us get there…

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  6. It’s SO hard to get back into when you have babies! I literally ran a half marathon while pregnant with my first, and pretty much stopped running, and lost all motivation to work out. It was only after I realized I needed something for myself–a way to get out and just NOT think, and not stare at my phone or a computer or tv–that I finally took up running again. The motivation is still SO hard to maintain, but knowing that improving my mental (and physical, obviously) health can only help my girls and my relationship with them is a HUGE selling point for me! I hope you find your motivation, mama! It’s tough!!

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  7. Just love your honesty here. I’ve always been normal, so I’ve never felt pressured to be anywhere else. I still feel a bit strange in my post pregnancy body, but I have to remind myself that just as I’ve eaten healthier in other phases of my life, that motivation will come again when it needs to. Right now my focus is on my mental stability and how I “feel” rather than how I look.

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  8. You’re not alone! Just different priorities ruling your life right now. Exercise is my ‘me’ time, the only 45min period I promise myself each day which is how I keep motivated. It’ll come back to you

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      1. lol I hear ya. I used to eat, sleep and breathe volleyball, softball, and running.. but the thought of exercise is like ugh!! I might look into adult sports leagues.. you should do that for your passions!


  9. I lost 100 lbs a couple of years ago and slowly gained some of it back. I’ve lost some of that and I wish I could lose more, but, like you it’s so hard to stay motivated. There’s no easy way to do it, but I did get more motivated when I got my Fitbit! At the end of the day my kids and hubby love me either way. I’ve found when I’m trying hardest to impress myself I’m the most motivated. Good luck!!

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  10. Yes ! I’m on the same boat! Pre and post with both of my kids, I had ALL the motivation in the world. Now that they are 3 and 5, like you, I don’t have the motivation to do so and it IS too much work. I do enjoy yoga, jogging and healthy eating with my kids which helps a lot. Those rigorous workouts daily or most days that I use to do helped with my lost weight in the beginning, but now I rather do things that I Enjoy. Maybe one day, but for now I’m content.

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  11. I’ve never been overweight, although I definitely had my fair share of not feeling so great. I drank heavily in my early college days (until I deployed to Iraq and got into nursing school as soon as I got home). I smoked a ton of weed. I was depressed. I was a total mess.

    THEN I cheated on my boyfriend and he broke up with me. I was devastated! He ended up finding a new girlfriend who was all into working out and started doing fitness competitions! Obviously, if I could be just like her, then I could win him back! Right? Thankfully not!

    But I started working out. I joined CrossFit. I found myself in the gym. I felt like MYSELF for once. Instead of chasing what somebody else was, I was comfortable in my own skin. Although my fitness has ebbed and flowed over the last ten years, I always feel best when I’m active. I’ve had injuries (three that caused me to put a halt to working out long term), I moved and got out of the habit of the gym earlier on, and I had a baby. Still, I feel best when I FEEL strong and when I FEEL capable.

    I recently became a health and wellness coach so that I could help hold other people accountable to their goals, and to help other people feel their best. I know the power of being physically active and want to help others make that their lifestyle too. Sure, we all have days or weeks where we don’t want to work out! Who doesn’t?! But what matters is that we pick it back up and make it a lifestyle change.

    If you ever want help, reach out to me. I think you follow me on IG (pretty sure your username looks familiar from IG!)- you can DM me there! Otherwise, best of luck to you! STICK WITH IT because in the end, it’s worth it. Blog about it. You’ll get support here!

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  12. Right there with you! Pre-kids I used to work out 5-7 days per week after working hard to lose a lot of weight. However, I had a hard time TTC with my first because of low weight and overexercising. Since having my (now 2) kids, I have zero motivation to work out! It’s a a complete 360 from my prior life (as with many things post-kids). We haven’t entirely ruled out having a third, so I just keep telling myself that I’ll return to working out after that…although never with the same degree of intensity! I like to think that there are different seasons in life, when different things take priority. Now that the kids are so little (<3), I can't fathom working out regularly! So I just try to incorporate small changes – parking further away, taking stairs, running after the little ones. Keep on doing what you're doing!

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